Organic Electrochemistry Short Course

January 10-13, 2023

This four-day virtual course is designed to provide an introduction to the theory and practical aspect of organic electrochemistry. The lecture presentations cover the basic concepts including: potential and overpotential, principles of electrode reactions, bulk electrolysis, and electroanalytical techniques. Distinguished case studies of electrosynthetic reactions and the use of electroanalytical tools for mechanistic investigation are used and reviewed to illustrate fundamental principles and practical aspect of organic electrochemistry. Recorded laboratory experiments are demonstrated and experimental details of bulk electrolysis/electrosynthesis and analytical electrochemistry techniques are discussed. The short course also seeks to create a community experience fostering connections that will extend beyond the course and promote broader use of electrochemistry by organic chemists. 

Course Schedule and Details

  • The short courses will be held on January 10-13, 2023.
  • The lectures will take place from 9 am – 12 pm CST each day, and will be followed by a one hour question-and-answer and discussion session each day of lectures. 
  •  Individual Zoom links will be added for each lecture section on the website.
  • Please find the pdf file of Course Schedule here: January 2023 Short Course Schedule.pdf
  • Each participant will receive a pdf copy of the lecture slides.


There are four registration options:

If you are an undergraduate student and/or the cost of the course represents a hardship, or if you are a member of a research group with three or more members interested in attending, please contact the course instructor/course coordinator at